Ways to Go is about finding your passion, making it your purpose and sometimes your livelihood.


You'll find interviews with musicians, designers, filmmakers, artists, athletes and more

popping up here on Ways to Go.


We're always looking for energetic people doing things that they love. We want to know how they found their passion, and how that has led them to where they are today.



Ways to Go is a product of the passions of its co-creators:

Caroline Jumpertz is a writer and editor who is excited by the interesting stories people tell when you ask the right questions.


Danny Jumpertz is a musician, producer, independent record label owner and writer who is collaborating with a range of fascinating people in New York City.  
Ways To Go will be a living record of the conversations we have with creative, passionate people.  We hope it will be a place where collaborations and connections will be made.

We've only just started — there are plenty more stories to come!



(watch this space for more to come)


Meg Kinney

Meg Kinney is the owner of and designer for the fashion label and retail stores bearing her first name.

Lydia Gobena

Lydia Gobena is an intellectual property lawyer with a healthy sideline in handmade jewelry.

Joe Arcidiacono

Joe Arcidiacono is a cinematographer, photographer and musician who works in film, television and advertising.  

Trish Harnetiaux

Trish Harnetiaux is a playwright and director who is using dark comedy to rewrite traditional forms.

Benjamin Mach

Benjamin Mach is a fashion designer who runs the Mood U sewing school, and has his own made-to-order clothing line.

Joseph Blunt

Joseph Blunt is a philosophy teacher and classical composer who has been writing sacred and secular music since the 1970s.


We're based in Brooklyn, NYC.

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